Our hanging baskets are grown right here on our farm. They have a loyal following and make heads turn!

With the proper care, your basket can last through the entire summer and even into early fall. We recommend finding the right spot for the right variety of plants…sun or shade? The flowers we plant in our baskets are specifically chosen to be tidy, and low maintenance with no dead-heading needed. Watering daily when your basket is in a sunny location is an absolute, and on hot days, maybe even multiple times a day. Hanging baskets have a hard time recovering from dried out roots. Come mid-summer, your basket may need a little perking up and we recommend adding a liquid plant fertilizer into your routine. Our baskets come mixed with a short-term fertilizer in the soil, but after several months of growing, this will wear out. From fuchsias to begonias to petunias, picking out the right basket for your home is perhaps one of the great joys of spring!

Our cut flower garden is a special addition to our farm and keeps the bees and us quite happy.

From snapdragons to sunflowers, zinnias to bachelor buttons...the bouquets are fresh cut and add a gorgeous summer vibe to our farm stand and to your home.