Farm Membership Program

OUR 2020 Farm Membership program is changing. We are not going forward with the program as scheduled. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED UP AS A MEMBER, YOU WILL BE RECEIVING A FULL REFUND. We will be in touch via email with all members who have signed up this spring to let you know when and where to look for your refund. 

Our hearts and souls are extremely saddened by the realization that the Covid-19 climate is going to change the way our farm runs this year.  Although we have been planning for a "normal" year since last December when we ordered seeds and plants, we know we can not move forward as we once thought with the restrictions in place.

What will business look like when we open? We aren’t sure. We do plan to be open for plant sales by mid-May, but there is so much unknown in the coming months. What will the regulations be on stores? We are continually thinking of how we will be able to serve our customers this spring, and how we can make our business (that is usually bustling with people) work in this new climate of distancing. Our commitment to you is steadfast and we think gardens will be more important than ever to families right here in our own community and all over the country.
We are working on a way to move forward this year and to hopefully add in a more traditional farm membership "box share". We will post this information as soon as we have it figured out. If you are not receiving our email newsletters currently, please sign up as it is the best way to receive up-to-date news from the farm.
We love what we do. We love our community. And now more than ever, we love thinking that Wood’s will still be your happy place.›